Another Brick in the Wall

When you work with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, everyday is different than the last. As technology advances, parts become outdated. Finding them can be a scavenger hunt, and who has time for that? Our bucket lifts won’t fix themselves.

This is the story about a man named Merv.

Merv was stuck. He was having trouble finding a floor jack seal kit in Texas. After a quick online search, he found us – Orange Seal. We are a fluid power parts broker that finds and ships components right to your door.

So, what do you do when you can’t find that one special or outdated part?

Be like Merv.

Merv gave us a call, explained his situation, told us what he was looking for, and we got right to work for him by combing through our resources. After a quick and focused search, we found the part Merv so desperately needed.

Because we work with an extensive network of suppliers and distributors, we are able to locate harder to find items with ease. We are a team dedicated to finding what our client needs.

We found the kit he needed, in the time he needed, and we shipped it right to his door!

“I really appreciated what you guys did for me. I had hit a brick wall, and I gave you a call. You guys were on it from the beginning. I only have good words to say about my experience. Such great customer service, and everyone was so friendly. I will definitely be calling again!” – Merv

Merv chose Orange Seal to find his floor jack seal kit, and, by doing so, he broke through that brick wall and was free to focus on other tasks at work while we took all the hassle off his hands. Our customer service team followed up with Merv every step of the way to make sure the part arrived in time and worked for him.

Next time you’re feeling stuck or you can’t move forward with your search part – be like Merv. Turn to Orange Seal, your parts broker, to help you find the parts you need.

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