Chief Directional Control Valve RLD Series Two Spool 4-Way 4 Pos. Tandem Center W/4th Pos Float 4-Way 3 Pos. Tandem


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Chie25 GPM Rating - 3000 PSI

 Adjustable Relief Range 1500 - 3000 PSI (Factory set 2000 PSI)

Spring Center to Neutral W/ 4th Pos. Float Detent Spring center to Neutral

What is a Directional Control Valve or DCV? Directional Control Valves are one of the primary components of any hydraulic or pneumatic application.  DCVs direct fluid flow from one or more sources into another. A DCV is made up of a spool inside a cylinder, which is electrically or mechanically actuated. Depending on the position of the spool it will either permit or restrict the fluid flow. 

What does a DCV do? Using directional control valves is absolutely essential to any industry that relies on hydraulic circuits, machinery, and equipment, which covers a wide array of applications. Virtually anything with a motor is going to use directional control valves. Machine function can also be totally automated by utilizing the directional control components with hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, or electronic control circuits.
Characteristics: Direction Control Valves can be classified 4 different ways
  • Number of Ports
  • Number of Positions 
  • Actuating Methods
  • Type of Spool
Example: “The Bailey 32 series 2 spool 4-way 3 pos.” means that the DCV has 2 spools, 4 ports, and 3 positions.

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