Chief DCV LG Series Single Spool 4-way 3 Position Tandem Center W/ Spring Center


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The P81 is an on/off directional control mono-block valve and is designed as a log splitter valve. It is spring centered in one direction, and pressure released detent in the other direction. Automatically kicks back to neutral when cylinder completes stroke. The valve also includes a built in adjustable relief valve. 
  • Hard Chromed plated spool
  • Handle can be installed in the up or down position
  • Detent release pressure adjustable from 70-to 140 bar
  • Nominal flow rating of 21 GPM
  • In neutral position both work ports are blocked allowing the pump to unload to the tank
PSI: 3600
Port Size: SAE 12
Weight: 10 lb
Action: Spring center detent and pressure release detent
Brand: Chief
GPM: 21
Manufacturer Part No: P81-A2-SAE
No Of Spools: 1
Outlet Port: SAE 12
Type: 4 way 3 pos Tandem center
Work Port: SAE 10

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