Getting Your Plow Ready for Fall: Taking Care of Seals and Storage

Getting Your Plow Ready for Fall: Taking Care of Seals and Storage

As the air gets crisper and leaves start to change, it's time for folks like us who work with plows to think about more than just cozy sweaters and hot drinks. If you're out there plowing snow or tackling other seasonal tasks, you know that the weather shift can mess with your equipment's game. Making sure your plow is good to go and set for action is important for a smooth fall. In this article, we're going to talk about how fall can affect plows, giving special attention to looking after the seals, and we'll give you some down-to-earth tips to keep your plow in tip-top shape.

Dealing with the Fall Effect

When the leaves fall, things start to change – the temperature goes up and down, it gets damp, and debris starts flying around. All these things can mess with your plow, especially its hydraulic system. Unfortunately, your seals are stuck right in the middle of this mix.

Taking a Good Look at Your Plow Seals

  1. Rod Seals and Piston Seals: Think of these seals like the guardians of your plow's hydraulic system. They're the ones that keep hydraulic fluid from spilling where it shouldn't. With fall's temperature changes, these seals can get less flexible and might leak. Have a good look at them – check for any wear, cracks, or leaks.

  2. Wiper Seals: These are the first line of defense against dirt, debris, and moisture. With leaves and rain coming down in fall, these seals can get all sorts of gunk and dampness. Check if they're torn or wearing out, and give them a regular cleaning to keep them doing their job.

  3. O-rings: These tiny things have a big job in sealing parts of your plow. Cooler fall temperatures can make rubber seals less stretchy, which can lead to leaks. Make sure your O-rings are still soft and whole.

Keeping Things Smooth with Preventative Steps

Now that you know what to look at, let's talk about how to keep your seals and plow happy as they tackle the fall:

  1. Grease Up: Giving your seals some love with the right lubrication is like giving them a nice warm jacket. Use the lubes that your plow maker recommends. Grease up your seals before fall starts, and maybe even add more if your plow's getting a lot of action.

  2. Pick the Right Stuff: If your plow's been putting in the hours all year, it's possible that its seals might be feeling the wear. Swap out tired seals with good-quality ones that can handle the ups and downs of fall temperatures.

  3. Choose Seals Wisely: Make sure the seals you're using are ready to deal with the changing temperatures and whatever debris fall throws their way. Talk to the experts or the folks who made your plow to get the right seals for your scene.

  4. Make It Routine: Set up a regular time to look at your seals during fall. If you see any problems, fix 'em up fast before they turn into bigger headaches.

Storing Up for Next Time

When fall starts turning into winter, it's all about keeping your plow in great shape for the next round. Here's how you do it:

  1. Clean It All: Before you tuck your plow away, give it a proper cleaning to get rid of all the dirt, debris, and moisture. This keeps rust away and makes your plow last longer.

  2. Lift That Blade: If you can, raise your plow blade off the ground for storage. This takes the pressure off your seals and hydraulic parts.

  3. Cover It Up: If your plow's going to be outside, throw a good tarp or cover over it. This keeps it safe from the weather and helps keep rust and damage away.

  4. Set It Right: Before storing, put your plow blade up and any hydraulic parts down. This eases the pressure on your seals and keeps them in good shape.

  5. Give It a Grease Hug: Put a bit of grease on metal parts to stop rust during storage.

Wrapping It Up

Fall might bring pretty leaves, but it also brings some challenges for us plow folks. By looking out for your seals and taking some smart steps to maintain and store your plow, you're making sure it's ready to rock during fall and all set for winter too. Remember, your plow isn't just equipment – it's a partner that's got your back. So, put in the work, give those seals some attention, and get your plow ready for a solid fall season!

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