What to Look For in a Hydraulic and Pneumatic Parts Broker

How to Choose the Right Broker for Your Hydraulic and Pneumatic Parts

There are a lot of benefits you get from working with a parts broker for your hydraulic and pneumatic components, but how do you choose the right one to work with?

Like any other decision you make for your business, you’ll want to research your options to make the best choice available. Here are a few things we recommend you look into before choosing a parts broker for your hydraulic and pneumatic components.

Look for Equipment Knowledge

Looking for hydraulic and pneumatic parts isn’t easy. A lot of times, searching for the correct part is a hassle—especially if it’s one that’s difficult to source.

Fluid power systems are made up of thousands of components, and you can’t afford to hire someone who doesn’t understand how they work together. You need to feel confident that the broker you’re working with not only knows what parts you’re looking for, but why and where you need them. The right partner will be able to make informed recommendations based on that knowledge.

Selecting a low-quality part not only costs you more time and money in the long run, but it wastes your labor and can endanger your equipment. No one wants to operate a fork lift equipped with cheap, poorly manufactured parts. Trust that you’re working with a broker who understands what you do and the equipment you’re working with, and ideally, ask about previous projects they can share with you to prove that expertise.

That’s why we are especially proud of our 30+ years of

experience at Orange Seal. Anyone can look for the cheapest part, but you need someone who can find you the highest quality part at the best value to fit your needs.

Check for an Established Network

Depending on how long your parts broker has been in the hydraulics and pneumatics business, they should have an established network of suppliers and manufacturers. A broker can know which parts you’re looking for, but if they don’t have a means of acquiring them, this can quickly become a search for a needle in a haystack. This is especially true if you’re looking for a part that is no longer manufactured.

Anyone who has spent time trying to procure and search for hydraulic and pneumatic parts knows this can be time-consuming. That’s usually the reason you outsource to a broker in the first place, after all: to save on those time and labor costs. Not every broker is truly a “one-stop shop.” Make sure your broker is confident they can procure the high-quality, competitively priced parts you’re looking for—whether they’re OEM or aftermarket—and do so quickly to minimize your downtime.

In short, you should be getting the best price for the best part at the best turnaround possible.

Seek Out Excellent Customer Service

A hydraulic and pneumatic parts broker should be able to not just get you the part you need, but support you with reliable and professional customer service. Getting a part as a broker isn’t just about providing what a customer asks for—it’s about solving a problem for the customer. Does your parts broker follow up to check on client needs? Are they concerned with long-term satisfaction, or only short-term delivery?

If you can, check for testimonials or ask to speak with a broker’s existing clients. They’ll be quick to tell you if the customer service is supportive and responsive or not.

Remember: Location, Location, Location

You can find the best parts broker in the world, but if they don’t serve your region, that won’t do you any good at all. Depending on where you’re located, the logistics of delivery can limit your options. For example, we at Orange Seal serve the United States, but we can also provide and deliver hydraulic and pneumatic parts to the Caribbean region as far south as Guyana because of our location in Orlando, FL.

Your parts broker should be able to flexibly meet your demands with prompt delivery from wherever they are located while meeting any industry standards your region requires. Logistics matter, so confirm that your parts broker is experienced in serving your area and understands its needs.

Have Any More Questions?

The experienced team at Orange Seal, LLC has over 30 years of global experience serving as a parts broker for hydraulic and pneumatic parts and components. If you’re determining whether we’re a good fit for you, get in touch with us. We’d be glad to talk about hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for your business.