Upcoming Fluid Power Events

It's officially 2020! A brand new decade and a brand new year. Although it may be filled with resolutions and goals, it is also going to be a major year for the fluid power industry. Even though the new year just started, there are already plenty of events, expos, and conferences planned for 2020. Sit back and read what is on this year’s agenda for the biggest events in fluid power.

The 2020 NFPA Annual Conference (February 11th to 13th)

First up is the 2020 NFPA Annual Conference hosted in beautiful Miami, Florida. This year's conference will focus on diverse topics such as Recruiting a Technical Task Force, Neuroscience that Drives High-Performance Cultures, Real Digital Strategies, and The Trade War Toward Disunited Nations and What it Means for You. Plus there will be networking events, committee meetings, tours, and more. Make sure to register now. The event runs from February 11th through the 13th. 

NFPA/FPIC Regional Conference (March 5th)

Next up is the NFPA/FPIC Regional Conference on March 5th in Detroit, Michigan. This conference will cover The End of Reactive Maintenance: Today’s Predictive Solutions for a Proactive Future, Novel Position Sensors for Closed-Loop Servo-Hydraulics, Autonomy: How Close is the Future?, and Reducing Cost of Field Operations Using HART Technology. In addition to this, the conference will also showcase the latest technology and provide plenty of networking opportunities.

IFPE 2020 (March 11th to 14th)

Right after that, IFPE 2020 will be rolling out in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 11th to the 14th. The International Fluid Power Exposition offers attendees the opportunity to review the latest fluid power research as well as enjoy presentations such as; Individual Electro-Hydraulic Actuators for Off-Road Machines, Efficient, Compact, and Smooth Variable Propulsion Motor, and Hybrid Hydraulic-Electric Architecture for Mobile Machines. The IFPE is one of the world's most renowned fluid power conventions so make sure to order your ticket in advance to ensure your seat.

NFPA/FPIC Regional Conference (June 4th)

Moving into the summer, NFPA/FPIC will be holding another Regional Conference on June 4th Minneapolis, Minnesota. And shortly after that, one of the year's largest events, The 2020 Industry & Economic Outlook Conference will be held in Oak Brook, Illinois. The event will be held at The Hilton Oak Brook Resort on August 10th - August 12th. Information for these events has yet to be announced but as soon as it does, we will make sure to let everyone know. 

NFPA/FPIC Regional Conferences (September 3rd and December 3rd)

Rounding out the rest of the year, the NFPA/FPIC will hold two more Regional Conferences. One on September 3rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the other on December 3rd in Chicago, Illinois. If by then, you still haven’t experienced one of the regional conferences, make sure you at least see one of these last ones. Details will most likely be shared closer to the fall for what to expect from these events and we will definitely keep you updated as we learn more information as well. 

With all of the exciting events coming up, there is plenty to get excited for. If you are a first-time convention attendee or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and learn, as well as network with industry experts. As you can see, 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for the industry and we look forward to seeing you there with us.