Benefits of Brokering Hydraulic Components

We all know down time is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to any company and when it occurs, looking for new parts can be chaotic. However, there are options out there that can help you make this process less painful and more convenient.

When you hear the word broker, you may think of Real Estate or maybe a car dealership but it is a much broader service.

Hiring a broker, such as Orange Seal, to look for the parts you need has numerous benefits for your business. To name a few:

Less phone/internet research:

A broker will handle the research for you. If you’re looking for a hard to find part or just your day to day seal kit, a broker will call whoever they need to locate the component you need. You can forget about being on the phone or on search engines and dealing with different vendors.

Time efficient:

Since brokers only deal with parts, they know which vendor could have what you’re looking for, and therefore, find the part faster. Let’s admit it, the quicker you have your equipment up and running, the better.


When you work with a broker, you have an experienced sales person working close with you throughout the process. Here at Orange Seal, we have thorough follow up procedures to make sure you are always informed on the status of your part.

Cost efficient:

Thanks to the relationship with vendors, brokers can negotiate a better price for the component you need. This provides great benefits for you, because in the rush of looking for parts, you may take the first offer. However, if you go for a broker, like Orange Seal, we will make sure you get the best price the market can provide by leveraging on our relationship with vendors.

Let’s face it… it’s convenient.

Letting a broker handle your component problems it is convenient for your business because you can focus on other pressing issues that need your attention. You’ll get the part faster and your equipment will be up and running in no time.

If you consider brokering your hydraulic parts, here at Orange Seal we’ll bring the world of hydraulics to you in a fast, reliable and focused way.

Next time you are in need of a hydraulic component, think about brokering and think about Orange Seal, because if it exists, we’ll find it for you.